10 Awesome Finance Websites to Follow Next Year

finance websites

As any smart person will tell you, it’s important to make sound financial decisions. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or for business. However, with so much information out there, it becomes even harder to know what to follow and what not to follow. I mean, who wants to apply the wrong ideas? After lots or reaching and interaction with experts, I concluded that the following are the best 10 awesome finance websites to follow next year:

Top Finance Sites

1. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is a financial website worth watching out for next year (2019). It’s respected for providing the most current news on events, tips from financial gurus, as well as financial markets. It mainly appeals to people with deep interests in investing where you will find categories such as Hedge Funds, Start-Ups, or Mergers & Acquisitions. It estimated that 70 million people visit this site every month.

2. Money Central

Bloomberg us without-a-doubt one of the top finance websites especially when it comes to general financial news. You will get lots of information pertaining to the stock market, industry changes, current market trends, latest headlines and more. The homepage is very friendly and you can watch and listen live. About 65 million people visit this website every month, according to Alexa.

3. CNNMoney

CNN is has grown to become the leading news network and also a reliable source of financial information. CNNMoney has dominated the scene in the years and l experts say it will still maintain its dominance even next year. You will find the latest information on financial matters including financial markets, trading, personal finances and much more. About 50 million people visit this site every month.

4. Google Finance

This website has grown to become among the most visited finance sites in the market. It targets both newbies and seasoned expert and provides a wide array of news. You will see categories and articles on financial markets, personal finance, Business, Startups, Word from the experts, market forecasts and more. On average, the site receives about 40 million visits monthly.

5. Seeking Alpha

One unique thing about this finance website is that it gathers the least information from other top websites. Simply put, it does the dirty work of gathering and then relays the vital information in a simpler manner. This site offers details on the stock market, latest innovations, and personal finances. Approximately 13 million people visit the site monthly.

6. The Street

This website appeals to many people both the old and young. It contains lots of articles and features, all related to making good financial decisions. You will get information on money trends, shopping advice, consumer spending, top shopping sites, car deals, holiday news and much more.

7. Forbes

Forbes caters for all kind of people whether a big investor, a small business, stay at home mom, individuals and more. It covers many sectors including finance, business, and persons, investment, and leadership. Other than the latest news, you also get personal stories from individuals, tips from the rich, wealthy, and motivational pieces.

8. MarketWatch

Formerly known as Smart Money, MarketWatch has taken the financial advisory sector by storm this year. It has seen an increase in its viewers and won the hearts of many people. The Wall Street Journal publication offers deep insights on the investments market and comes in a friendly interface for easy viewership. You will see categories like the stock exchange, latest news, and related affirmation. It receives about 19 million visitors monthly.

9. Fool

If you want to learn more about personal finances, then Fool is a worthy site. This websites targets beginners and provides basic information on finance. These include Saving, Borrowing, Earning, Spending, Investing, and Protecting. According to forecasts, this site will be very relevant next year. It enjoys about 22 minion visits every month.

10. Kiplinger

Many people consider Kiplinger as the Go-To website for financial matters. It mainly focuses on personal finance and offers great tips on saving, investing, budgeting, latest trends, where to get the best deals and more. And with a growing popularity, you can be certain that it will still have an impact even in 2019. The site gets about 2.5 million visitors monthly.


It pays to get the right information and guidelines from a reputable source. This will not only help you to correct earlier mistakes but will also assist you to plan. The above websites have been impressive this year and will still continue their dominance even next year, And as you will notice, they not only boost of a huge following and high Alexa ranking but are considered as the most reputable and reliable on the scene.